Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Farewell, my 2010

Many of the passage of time took some of the people some things to remember, when a person sits quietly recall the last time that happened slowly those stories may not recall the memory of those already buried in the dusty memories. Gone through the spring, summer, autumn, winter still left, but the people there will go back in time, yet? Will have to re-story the chance to start it? So, before you regret not doing wrong choice, before the sad ... please do not hurt ...
Do not want to say old-fashioned but time flies so generally true as gold, then inadvertently lost in the years at your fingertips is so passing by, to paraphrase a poem Xu Jinglei: Gently I go, as I gently, I wave my sleeve, do not take a cloud ... ... this is always refused to say goodbye to duplicate again in 2010, I know that time will make a boy into a man, a sign of maturity is not necessarily his chin covered with stubble but lonely eyes were hidden behind their clever it! The total change of seasons a year, and this year seems like all the changes in seasons, as there is a pattern, like a long lonely bloom in spring as intriguing, hard to wait for that process appears to be a frustration and bitterness intertwined flavors. Passion can bring all of the summer is not the passion, the same day of plain water will eventually extinguished the flames all the passion, any passion you unlimited pot of cold water ... ... I just fall season seems to be synonymous with lonely, but this fall has occurred a fairy-tale like story, although only a beginning but no end ... ... I can say is too cold this winter, because the heart was frozen, and frozen at subzero temperatures will not be beat. All in all, the 2010 is the four seasons, and is slowly Let me count the days of recollection, although some long buried memories ... ...
Perhaps there will be a memorable year for each person, there is always a memorable things happen, but if I say that this is perhaps the most memorable year I can only sit back and really think about the ... ... not slow days No flies plain waves, but the soft young heart can not withstand the wind is too weak to withstand the waves, everything is just solo, later passed, leaving only a Buddha's words: sex is zero, Kongjishise! So I say can be the most memorable, you can not! Between with and without the change is just the heart. The most memorable is not only more memorable!
Some people always say how how his year, in fact, they ask ourselves who do not regret it? Why is it filled with his grandson the same, since the hearts of grievances have regrets Why not make it? Information brother said that the world of the blind alley, but a lot of people go to become a road. Since you did not go the way before the pair, with regret and loss so why not take a new road out of it!
2010 is the past, the good the bad there are like clouds, passed also in the past. Important is how to have the new 2011!
So for 2010, I can only say: "Do I have to 2010."

Time for a song

The scenery has long been shrouded in darkness, there is no difference between past and future. In pure darkness, do not see the division of the future and the past, nor the distance between you and me. Everything is only darkness, to hear your heart know you're still by my side, is within reach if you soft hand. Trembling of your hand, I know you're afraid that you're so scared, but my dear, please do not be afraid, because you and I, there is a can give you warm, I give you courage in your side With you, protect you.

Bass notes reverberate in your ears, my heart you sing down low most tender melodies. Every word, every note is so light without objects, but with a simple and honest feelings, so you hang on in the dark moment of my hand would not let go. Melodious tunes, my deepest feelings to your music intertwined, throbbing heart to appreciate by each emotional disputes. You quietly nestled in my shoulder, listening to the song for you to sing tunes, is eager to rest in this moment of time can no longer flow. So that the screen always freeze at this moment, even if surrounded by the endless darkness, but have had enough of each other, two people of the world will be rich, just because we love each other.

You ask how long I will make a man and woman love each other, I said maybe just one second, maybe a lifetime, maybe just a song of the time ... ...

Written in September

September, what kind of season? Vague outline, mixed with a little bleak tone.

The sun, along the wall, one meter to one meter climb. Bana open sky overland to sway.

Miss, with the coiled bamboo. A long bamboo, read a long paragraph.

Bright, light read to harvest.

Fragrant Rice, broken a sweat sway.

The joy from the autumn, accompanied by late-night flute sound, soul-stirring ... ...

September, the voice of a dream to start a ground-breaking. Bit by bit memories, the creation of a clown, leaving the patch of blue sky in September.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Heart mark

A bitter, from the glide between the eyebrows, or the soil were moist, moments into the air released into the atmosphere by transpiration.
Night was broken, Review of the thinking was maybe. Inner desire, imagine folding paper boats, but also load a dry light, put the attribution of fleeting streams, let him feel cold and moist atmosphere, gradually lost.
Cries of the night, touching the burning cigarette butts, into the hearts of the silent pain gorgeous cover the movement. So fun, it is so frustrating. Clearance impetuous desire of money is difficult to remove, in the silence hard think about the meaning of life, life in the bustling road in the finish, passing the beautiful scenery, which turned, has not distinguish right and wrong, with a little tipsy drunk down in the dark under the willow.
Money exudes charm, dense crowd attracted by his direction. I run one after the dawn of time, repeat the procedure in previous years, the exchange of their mind, going to the toilet fasting, hungry, the last defeat, or the power of money.
Curved to follow the cold westerly Haoyue run, there is always darkness before dawn inexplicably dull.
Hurry to stop, think through the wind and rain this morning, lying in the sun under the shade radio shop and forget the constraints of money, forget the troubles of life, and thus, a warm and leisurely time, that is, or the wonderful look into the distance, but to bring youth to the loss journey.
Looking back through the ups and downs, the screen folds into the memory keep replaying in my mind, capture the flash of beautiful pictures, as the opening next year, but boring residual value of the interpretation of the youth, all kinds of people, the total can be search for ghost money, and countless days and nights are thinking very hard walking in the ladder leading to it covered with glory, the visual was happening, so wonderful, so sweet.
Flash of pain, ups and downs in the soul, once again the difficulties of the future of sublimation in the statement table, to exercise restraint, but still can not help, to put their ugly mask, to cover the vulnerable. Inability to cry inside cover, a reflection of the time had gone fragments, looking at the horizon of the blind, a new day will come, clear the broken dreams, pale face of my maturity and heard the song is from yesterday to meet the past is tomorrow's sighs.
Tomorrow, no, the day will come today, the sky has been vaguely white, with a shake of the feeling once again writing a downtown.


A winding flow of the river is still straight distance. Morning, stepping from, green grass covered with dew, against the colorful morning light shining, the breeze caressing the next is so graceful posture, reminding us of scenes of a southern woman dancing lightly fluttering in Tsing Yi. Dangqi layers of mist on the river, accompanied by morning breeze hit me, I will be convergence with the melancholy, like a vague memory of the summer flowers fade and wither, but also spread out in the autumn ray of Xinchou dial.
How to say it forever? When childhood interesting, scattered the flash in my mind, that a picture of innocence in the face, the time in flies in his eyes blurred. Leaning against the desk once sang songs of youth, who toil in the playground, happily running posture, once lofty, three worship sworn ignorant, have been replaced by a look today Acushnet. When the wine on the invitation, pride on the day, what kind of throbbing, loss of youth is no longer always be the ignorant.
Like a person sitting quietly in the banks of stone and see a leaf floating slowly from afar, so easy, leafless ever want to drop it! Leafless how wanted to go wandering alone with it! When an enthusiastic dance in the wind is still, that season of life and life to the wind blow it down. Thriller about inadequate posture still remnants of faded green, and the love of trees. That moment will never fade away hours in the early fall, come to naught.
Slowly and proudly, along the river, roam forward. The flowers are still competing to fight Yan, in the early autumn morning in the interpretation of their last glory. Maybe they do not know what the so-called fade, but staged a short rings in their near-perfect life, but always eager to scattered in the season. Jiji birds cried, those ashamed of the dream, one by one speech, the birds can fly when the eyes reach the moment of commitment to those who have and always vaguely, flying in the sky, but I hand have not yet touched.
Winding rivers, meandering turn. See in the distance like a quiet haven, if the mind to put out there, Can quietly shelved. Watching the waves softly, looking at the beautiful beaches, to the silent soul in silence in the deserted roundabout. At the moment, that a persistent remain in the immediate time, carrying engraved forever.
Why never say never it? If life is a collection masted ship to be parked, give yourself a power installed in the heart of a calm, distraction paddles, sails hoisted wise, the first line ... ...

Monday, March 28, 2011

life experience ups and downs

I may have missed the meaning of duckweed, perhaps with a poetic duckweed. I am very familiar with duckweed in the mountain village of terraced fields in the duckweed often appear over the green one, it is easy to multiply. Village duckweed duck is to rely on to survive, except in the fields, pecking duck Ping, poke Ophelia is more interesting to find loach, a small tadpole.
 Remember, there are large and small duckweed, duckweed can also be used large pig in the food-poor era, people are lack of food, pigs did not eat more food. In addition to the first baby pigs eat the vegetable and sweet potato vine, that is, weeds, among them the large size of the duckweed. Duckweed can be planted in his field, not let anyone sweep. Can be cultured throughout the year, round leaves, like the ancient seven items magistrate's official hat leaves. There duckweed field, particularly loach.
 In fact, the duckweed is also a spiritual one. That is very strong vitality and the spirit of true unity. They depend on each other, overlap each other, never excluded, in the absence of the empty rice fields covered with green carpet like a beautiful and practical.
 Wen Tianxiang, the duckweed compared to his personal life, is a genius idea. Life is like duckweed, and sometimes through the storm, most people can not control their own destiny. Person's life, there is low and high tide, there are homeopathic adversities. Duckweed have encountered the wind downwind, drift seek to survive, although people do not agree with this, some people think, "Where there is a need not worry about firewood. " No matter what kind of attitude you hold, duckweed is always poetic to survive and live wonderful, thriving.

About the log

I was almost a daily diary, the intention is not willing to forget to remember some things, but not for the memories. The so-called recall who, though able to make the joy, but can not help but make lonely, so that the spirit of the silk thread is also holding the dead lonely time, what means it? And occasionally I would like to recall the status of things but can not write, do not want to remember things of course, is gone to any of them. So remember probably written more in my future some useful things. For example, experienced a day where the lesson where they had a day of experience, told how after how attention. But my thinking is more a diary of his more ethereal issues. Yeah what human nature, the meaning of life Yeah, I hope ah, ah morality, truth Yeah, so these are more ethereal things.

My diary does not intend to anyone, but it is not only to their own view, lies between the two. If one to watch herself, it is something that can not write, do not have to have a day like an article written bumbling. But if that bring it to anyone, not made ​​it clear that there are many, need to cover things in. This is referred to as Lu Xun said, is: "aim at Liyan, Italy kept appraise, fear of people who want to know who knows", plus his own twisted evil mind.

Now on the network not as something natural. This is the beginning of the second person is ready to see, so I am afraid it may not be quite true, at least, not more favorable, but now always have to hide. Because there are some plans seek, therefore, as Lu Xun said, "has also left a few slices of the total in the body armor. "

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Heaven's Love Song

Time away, River of Sorrow, even if there are a thousand words, and can only fool on the ink Huajian on appeal, with the soft Fengqing blowing, into the gates of heaven, if both of two Xiangxi, Anson another country, since then, obsession.
The bright sun, I see you smile from the sweet breeze to come, a touch of grass and kicking up clouds of butterflies flying lightly scented, have riding lessons pink jasmine petals, slowly the pace of light stop, stop at the flowers are young. Review this moment might come to an end of a lifetime can not pull the distance between each other, smiling wind, deep feeling of hope.
Since then, finger flower, crackling, Qiaoxia an article about emotion, about the thoughts, on waiting, on the happiness of the text. The palm of the hand holding your share of cold watery tenderness, my heart goes flowery treasure your smile, pink stationery freeze you that warm feeling, Woods emotions, interlocking fingers.
Mottled smoke away the years past, meet this is a beautiful, nonetheless life Ruping, everything is uncertain. However, relatively still remember the intimate scenes, still somewhere in the bottom of my heart take root and grow slowly.
Memory such as wind, gently across, late autumn night, I'll Yilianyoumeng species in mind, waiting for a bed with you, but I do not know sunset is magnificent beauty, it is almost dusk. So full of joy into the desolate waiting, time and again the hot cold blood, over and over again through thin clothing, piercing the heart.
When thinking of you some happy, some sad, happy, often stay stagnant water guarding the infinite side, quietly watching, lonely reflection in the wet Orbital Double Vision, and then tear down a drop of Acacia, and accompanied by gurgling water running away . Love, I turned to preparedness, but you still hug me, just cold heart not know how to respond to the affection.
When you read some of heartache, heartache, some of the warmth of those who remember the picture in the mind as a rock where students grow in the deepest bottom of my heart, maybe you do not know, came across the information that allows one gorgeous flower throughout the season and multiply into a brilliant sky. Perhaps you do not know, sad pen looming between showing the text falling reluctantly feelings.
If the sun through the glass, do not lose temperature, then the truth through the life and death cycle, it can last forever? I also firmly hold your hand, we have always said, have relied on young and frivolous, promise you I, smile, also relying on the weight of the soul that accompany growing old with you. Only, but life is too fragile, too late to give you a smile, I lost in your world, dear, please forgive frivolous oath, please forgive the end of destiny, forgive a silent love.
If you build a bridge in the heart, each guarding both sides of this situation we will keep till the end? Time wore on, the regret is all between the lines into the sad, heavy breath smoked sheets covered with the scent of ink broken a love letter. Who knows how many nights tossing and turning that sigh, I heard the sound startling, led by a back and forth intestine; who knows, it is condensed the number of crystal tears, drops of Mastermind, one finally buried the situation.
Inspired by brisk pace, to heaven, there is no free and easy care of waved away, I always believe the truth in their own world, so even in another country, will love you the same, as will protect your happiness, as will pray for you. Dianpei life, displacement of the heart can no longer wandering finally, if this case of students do not, love knows no boundaries, with the innocent smile all the way to walk, 且行且珍惜.
Smoke and cold months, heartbroken songs, Chang Buwan sad, sing endless thoughts, love of singing continuously, such as the lengthy thread wrapped around wrapped around, the kingdom of heaven is beautiful, but without you there, a bit less warm. Gently played an affectionate farewell, echoed human temperament, life is so beautiful, love so warm ... ...

Living in the heart

And love, the base is really a high level.
Free to express, only cheap,. Not cheap enough to prove how much I love, cheap to the bone, even the sound is Cheap. A big man, middle of the night like a baby sent to do: I want you to hug ... ... really cheap ah. At less than affectionate, not cried, I heard a voice in saying: I do not want you, really want to leave you ... ... even if I cheap better.
Is cheap it? Is love.
Know that she hates the taste of cooking fumes to cook for her to do her own favorite. Know that she hates is machine washable underwear to over and over again for her hand. Cheap or, to buy her breakfast, urged her to get up to eat; cheap, or, would not have to do housework, but also flew to the kitchen to; cheap, or that, even hate dirty litter, but still seriously help her organize, No complaints last part; cheap, or, buy a lot of cosmetics to her, also wary of the question, "like it?." In the long years of endless so a person guilty of the cheap, in fact, my heart is like. Floating Life, only love can make people Zhuyuanyurun, only love, will be cheap to dust.
Christmas comes, is still struggling to think, what to send her a gift, will make her happy. Do you spend thinking, quietly recalling her way of a custom photo wall "live in the heart," each one is your favorite woman glamorous flower. Good a big man, to the love, be cheap in the end the. All the little thoughts are with her body. You ran your love carefully, so that in the end she do not want you, and also because you give love too much. She walked so pull off, you be thrown away in any corner. Bing Qi Jia you love lost, did not she your world a desert. But you alone, you still look at you over and over again to send her Christmas memories Road photo wall "to live in the heart", a person was thinking all about her memories. Sheets of stroking, think of this picture of the woman, also in your arms, have you Erbinsimo. Alone in the middle of the night, what are you silent practicing again and again in the embrace, as she was around you the same. This is cheap, in the end is a low dust.
Later, she was drunk and came back at midnight, only because she loved the man dumped her. No the slightest relation with you. Do you blame others hold her, "Who told you to drink so much alcohol?" Totally do not blame the woman in your arms.
Highest state of love is willing to commit the cheap for her, too many are not cheap. Also like a fool over and over again the same question: "Do you love me?"
But even just in love, committed a cheap, low dust, but it is unwitting. Fanjian how, and love is just a return to Johnson just spread.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Reflect on their own to develop good habits

You have to reflect on their habits? If not, develop it as early as possible, it can adjust your attitude of life means life, for the guidance of a clear direction. Reflection is a rumination of mental activity and feedback. It is the authorities who becomes a bystander, it transforms itself into a look at the object, that is, it gives out its own limitations, standing in another person's position, angle, and to observe themselves, judge themselves.
Self-examination and review does not mean, does not mean repentance. Reflection, is the man standing on the highest level and even the whole life of all mankind through the process of analysis and control, is critical of their own people. We need not only the occasion of the licking wounds deep thinking and analysis, to reflect, more needs to remain calm in the joy of success.
In daily life, many people who strictly to law and wide to be had, often preoccupied with gains and losses of others, forgot to look at ourselves. Wrong, but someone else's fault; yes, are their own right.
There is a fable: a ready to help young people experiencing difficulties, remind himself that he usually helped many friends, so he went to friends for help. However, the difficulties of his friends, who all turn a blind eye and a deaf ear. He was outraged, and his anger so intense that they can not own distraction, resignation, and he went to a wise man.
Wise said: "helping others is a good thing, but you have kept good make the bad things." Why? Him bewildered. Wise said: "First of all, you start out on the lack of knowledge of people, who do not have a thankful heart is not worth it to help people, you do not sub indiscriminate help, this is your Yanzhuo;
Second, you Shouzhuo, if at the same time help them develop their gratitude, and will not let them think you are right and proper to their help, and things may not develop into the fields this step, but you did not do so;
Third, your heart and dirty, in helping others, it should have with a normal heart, do not always feel like I was doing good, feeling both the material and moral superior to others, you should just be doing one of their own small pieces of whatever. More than who you are poor; than the more good and that you are mortal. Do not think you help others, we should credit for.
Willing to help others, and when needed want to get help from others, can be said to be human. But the real wisdom was open-minded person, but be good to find the reasons, do not complain about others.
This requires that we are always able to reflect on their behavior, look to their own psychology. Reflection is a noble quality, it should be required of our homework. When a person can pick up the scalpel unceremoniously cut off a tumor thought to pick up the tap washing is often thought of the "spots", which takes a lot of courage. If you think to yourself a little bit of mercy and reflect the color of the original will be lost.
A man saw bad behavior, we must ask ourselves the mood With fear. With his good character, we must be firm value; she had an error, we must feel as disgusted as tainted.
If so, it would be wise accessible, action would not be a mistake. Although it is difficult doing things perfect, but we must continue efforts for improvement as far as possible. Provinces day life, there will be change the wrong, is early prevention, modest and prudent to avoid the big mistakes, away from morality, taste it one step further. Things to strive for excellence, success will be away from the closer.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Honest father

It was undone years, such as water conservancy, road construction such that in the years done in full swing. So the father for not being good enough just to induce a business out of agriculture repair reservoirs, building roads. A chance, his father saw that the County Highway recruitment. At this time the father in his early twenties, a pair of Nongmeitaiyan reflects energetic high morale. But he saw the job ad, still with an uneasy heart carries signed up. Not even the names are written in a neat and father, their names written Gonggongzhengzheng the first time ever. Father was admitted as a track maintenance worker.
There was a jingle Highway: "From a distance, like a beggar, almost look like scavenging, the look is the road segment." I saw my father building roads, carrying shovels, push scooters, their burdens, with the hard counting the years. Some track maintenance workers, can not stand years of suffering, just another way of living was to work soon. Can father grabs the shovel, put a handful of hard sweat, tears and a shovel of soil which threw out. He stood in the door of life, to go forward is an invisible world, Gu Ying Jie Li mind as what course to follow in his father spent a long time; back to is a green field, and then return to shoulder iron plows, hand pull buffalo farming life. At this point, the fate of his father had no choice in front of his head in life, honest to stay in the road segment.
Father, a stay is a lifetime. He measured the length of the highway of life, measuring the Spring and Autumn. Just a solid work, he received honors in successive years as the advanced workers; only advanced workers year after year, he summed up in the annual awards ceremony to speak. When I was a primary school; the day before his father spoke, I use the cultural level of a student he scribbled a speech draft. Gazing father looked to fold the plug in the pocket. The next day, all the leadership he remarks, the shaking legs walked toward the podium. As soon as he said: "I, as a road workers ... ... ... ..." statement to be nervous scratched. Gradually, one by one his father forehead was oozing sweat like soybeans, merged into a stream known as sweat, sweat soaked clothes back. Gradually, the father even more tense, holding his speeches, as if it tense, suddenly shaking in the air. This time, his father's speech was so sudden halt. But he's honest character notoriety, a pass ten, hundred, in his father's body branded with an honest and India ... ...
When describing his father over and over again read the article, I read the father, read his father's honest character, but also read an aloof attitude of tolerance. "When a man does not contend, so the world can contend with monensin," though honest father lost a lot of the madding crowd, but his peace of mind, has also been a spiritual compensation.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Beautiful secret weapon

Feeling tired? Under too much stress? No time to exercise?

Well, you may want to try yoga. It's what more and more people have been turning to to ease the troubles of modern life. Practically unheard of in the West until 50 years ago, yoga has become one of the most popular health trends around.

Yoga has become so popular in recent years; it's easy to overlook the fact that it is actually one of humankind's oldest activities. Scholars think that yoga grew out of the methods used by shamans of the Indus Valley, more than 5,000 years ago.

Shamans were the holy men of early human civilization. Their role in society was to communicate with the spirit world to find solutions to problems facing their people. Over time, these shamans developed a system of mental and physical exercises to expand their consciousness, and thereby give a new perspective on the problems of daily life. These exercises formed the foundation of modern yoga.

For thousands of years yoga was practiced mainly in India. The exercises of yoga were incorporated into three of the Indian religions: Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. Technically, yoga is not a religion; it is a method that can be used by anyone to pursue their own religious (or non-religious) goals. Siddhartha, the founder of Buddhism, practiced yogic meditation, and meditation is still a central part of Buddhism today.

Yoga was practically unknown to the West until the 1960s, when popular culture began to show an interest in Eastern religions. Pop culture icons, such as the Beatles, helped popularize yoga by showing interest in yogic meditation. People began to look at yoga as a way to find peace of mind in a world that was anything but peaceful.

Since the 1960s yoga's popularity has grown steadily. Nowadays, Westerners practice all kinds of yoga. There is Bikram, or "hot Yoga", done in rooms heated to over 40 degrees Centigrade. There is baby yoga in which infants copy the stretching poses of their mothers. There are even yoga classes for people in their 70s!

In fact, there are so many people who want to learn yoga that yoga schools across the United States are having difficulty keeping up with the demand. Judging by its popularity, yoga is as useful for solving the problems of today as it was for solving the problems 5,000 years ago.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy childhood growing up more likely to divorce?

Those who enjoyed an idyllic childhood could find that life has a nasty trick in store because, it seems, they are more likely to divorce.

Researchers found that men and women with a stable upbringing could have more confidence and so be more ready to leave a failing relationship.

For the long-term project at Cambridge University, thousands of Britons born in one week in 1946 were studied.

When they were in their teens, teachers rated them for happiness, friendliness and energy. Problems such as restlessness, disobedience and anxiety were noted.

Decades later, information about their lives was also collected and analysed. Professor Felicia Huppert, director of the university’s Well-being Institute, commented on the findings on marriage break-up.

‘One factor might be that positive children have higher self-esteem than their peers and are more willing to leave a marriage if it is not meeting their needs,’ she said.

Other findings were more predictable.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

We Are on a Journey

Wherever you are, and whoever you maybe, there is one thing in which you and I are just alike at this moment, and in all the moments of our existence. We are not at rest; we are on a journey, our life is a movement, a tendency, a steady, ceaseless progress towards an unseen goal. We are gaining something, or losing something, everyday. Even when our position and our character seem to remain precisely the same, they are changing. For the mere advance of time is a change. It is not the same thing to have a bare field in January and in July, the season makes the difference. The limitations that are childlike in the child are childish in the man.
Everything that we do is a step in one direction or another, even the failure to do something is in itself a deed. It sets us forward or backward. The action of the negative pole of a magnetic needle is just as real as the action of the positive pole. To decline is to accept – the other alternative.
Are you nearer to your port today than you were yesterday? Yes, -- you must be a little nearer to some port or other; for since your ship was first lunched upon the sea of life, you have never been still for a single moment; the sea is too deep, you could not find an anchorage if you would. There can be no pause until you come into port.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Taste of youth

Sun light swept the air, there is dust Manwu. In this quiet afternoon, I always like to lock themselves wandering inside and began some of the endless reverie. Natural season, vibrant, youthful footsteps, moving further and further needs, we Mood for Love is also a single minute of the passage.

I am always in the calculation, if a person can live a hundred years, then he is only just over thirty-six thousand days, and days of the day would be less a day, it is apparent that our life is so short! And we can live a hundred years it? Therefore, we have no reason not to cherish the days so short.

Youth's you and me, as if standing in the bank, the two sides are full of fallen flowers, as well as a thin layer of smoke. Sometimes, we always try to look for his confused mind an exit, but often failed miserably. You can not say that they wasted time in, because you have been very hard to make your own Live every day as much as possible to enrich; you can not say that they hate university life, because you have to get up early late, at the expense of much time, how much Happy only in exchange for all of today; you even can not say you have to give up, because you go further down.

Can you say something?

Perhaps, you want sun, land dedicated to the sun;

Perhaps you want a tree for people to offer greenery;

Perhaps you want a great man, to enjoy the wonderful life.

However, you just stars, but can also add light to the Galaxy;

However, you just grass, but also for increasing the green earth;

However, you only human, can not enjoy brilliant, some just ordinary. But you do not have to worry about, ordinary is not wrong, if they work hard too, too hard, you will find one day an extraordinary wonderful!

Vincent Fang on his inspirational little book "for several of your own idol drama," Lane said: Do not consume the youth front of the TV watching other people's lives, complaining about your life dull, why not from another angle, the camera lens at yourself, well take your own life! I think the only way that will not smoke the same sadness in the penetration of our youth, the only way that our youth could become a pleasure.

Caterpillar into a chrysalis, the pupa into a butterfly, each stage has its value. Ripples of youth, too, when it turned up, also has its twists and turns thrown, but also the beauty of it when thrown. Into the season of youth, you should use the unique spirit of youth and products to feel for the taste of youth, whether it is bitter or sweet ... ...