Sunday, March 27, 2011

Living in the heart

And love, the base is really a high level.
Free to express, only cheap,. Not cheap enough to prove how much I love, cheap to the bone, even the sound is Cheap. A big man, middle of the night like a baby sent to do: I want you to hug ... ... really cheap ah. At less than affectionate, not cried, I heard a voice in saying: I do not want you, really want to leave you ... ... even if I cheap better.
Is cheap it? Is love.
Know that she hates the taste of cooking fumes to cook for her to do her own favorite. Know that she hates is machine washable underwear to over and over again for her hand. Cheap or, to buy her breakfast, urged her to get up to eat; cheap, or, would not have to do housework, but also flew to the kitchen to; cheap, or that, even hate dirty litter, but still seriously help her organize, No complaints last part; cheap, or, buy a lot of cosmetics to her, also wary of the question, "like it?." In the long years of endless so a person guilty of the cheap, in fact, my heart is like. Floating Life, only love can make people Zhuyuanyurun, only love, will be cheap to dust.
Christmas comes, is still struggling to think, what to send her a gift, will make her happy. Do you spend thinking, quietly recalling her way of a custom photo wall "live in the heart," each one is your favorite woman glamorous flower. Good a big man, to the love, be cheap in the end the. All the little thoughts are with her body. You ran your love carefully, so that in the end she do not want you, and also because you give love too much. She walked so pull off, you be thrown away in any corner. Bing Qi Jia you love lost, did not she your world a desert. But you alone, you still look at you over and over again to send her Christmas memories Road photo wall "to live in the heart", a person was thinking all about her memories. Sheets of stroking, think of this picture of the woman, also in your arms, have you Erbinsimo. Alone in the middle of the night, what are you silent practicing again and again in the embrace, as she was around you the same. This is cheap, in the end is a low dust.
Later, she was drunk and came back at midnight, only because she loved the man dumped her. No the slightest relation with you. Do you blame others hold her, "Who told you to drink so much alcohol?" Totally do not blame the woman in your arms.
Highest state of love is willing to commit the cheap for her, too many are not cheap. Also like a fool over and over again the same question: "Do you love me?"
But even just in love, committed a cheap, low dust, but it is unwitting. Fanjian how, and love is just a return to Johnson just spread.

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