Thursday, March 24, 2011

Honest father

It was undone years, such as water conservancy, road construction such that in the years done in full swing. So the father for not being good enough just to induce a business out of agriculture repair reservoirs, building roads. A chance, his father saw that the County Highway recruitment. At this time the father in his early twenties, a pair of Nongmeitaiyan reflects energetic high morale. But he saw the job ad, still with an uneasy heart carries signed up. Not even the names are written in a neat and father, their names written Gonggongzhengzheng the first time ever. Father was admitted as a track maintenance worker.
There was a jingle Highway: "From a distance, like a beggar, almost look like scavenging, the look is the road segment." I saw my father building roads, carrying shovels, push scooters, their burdens, with the hard counting the years. Some track maintenance workers, can not stand years of suffering, just another way of living was to work soon. Can father grabs the shovel, put a handful of hard sweat, tears and a shovel of soil which threw out. He stood in the door of life, to go forward is an invisible world, Gu Ying Jie Li mind as what course to follow in his father spent a long time; back to is a green field, and then return to shoulder iron plows, hand pull buffalo farming life. At this point, the fate of his father had no choice in front of his head in life, honest to stay in the road segment.
Father, a stay is a lifetime. He measured the length of the highway of life, measuring the Spring and Autumn. Just a solid work, he received honors in successive years as the advanced workers; only advanced workers year after year, he summed up in the annual awards ceremony to speak. When I was a primary school; the day before his father spoke, I use the cultural level of a student he scribbled a speech draft. Gazing father looked to fold the plug in the pocket. The next day, all the leadership he remarks, the shaking legs walked toward the podium. As soon as he said: "I, as a road workers ... ... ... ..." statement to be nervous scratched. Gradually, one by one his father forehead was oozing sweat like soybeans, merged into a stream known as sweat, sweat soaked clothes back. Gradually, the father even more tense, holding his speeches, as if it tense, suddenly shaking in the air. This time, his father's speech was so sudden halt. But he's honest character notoriety, a pass ten, hundred, in his father's body branded with an honest and India ... ...
When describing his father over and over again read the article, I read the father, read his father's honest character, but also read an aloof attitude of tolerance. "When a man does not contend, so the world can contend with monensin," though honest father lost a lot of the madding crowd, but his peace of mind, has also been a spiritual compensation.

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