Sunday, March 27, 2011

Heaven's Love Song

Time away, River of Sorrow, even if there are a thousand words, and can only fool on the ink Huajian on appeal, with the soft Fengqing blowing, into the gates of heaven, if both of two Xiangxi, Anson another country, since then, obsession.
The bright sun, I see you smile from the sweet breeze to come, a touch of grass and kicking up clouds of butterflies flying lightly scented, have riding lessons pink jasmine petals, slowly the pace of light stop, stop at the flowers are young. Review this moment might come to an end of a lifetime can not pull the distance between each other, smiling wind, deep feeling of hope.
Since then, finger flower, crackling, Qiaoxia an article about emotion, about the thoughts, on waiting, on the happiness of the text. The palm of the hand holding your share of cold watery tenderness, my heart goes flowery treasure your smile, pink stationery freeze you that warm feeling, Woods emotions, interlocking fingers.
Mottled smoke away the years past, meet this is a beautiful, nonetheless life Ruping, everything is uncertain. However, relatively still remember the intimate scenes, still somewhere in the bottom of my heart take root and grow slowly.
Memory such as wind, gently across, late autumn night, I'll Yilianyoumeng species in mind, waiting for a bed with you, but I do not know sunset is magnificent beauty, it is almost dusk. So full of joy into the desolate waiting, time and again the hot cold blood, over and over again through thin clothing, piercing the heart.
When thinking of you some happy, some sad, happy, often stay stagnant water guarding the infinite side, quietly watching, lonely reflection in the wet Orbital Double Vision, and then tear down a drop of Acacia, and accompanied by gurgling water running away . Love, I turned to preparedness, but you still hug me, just cold heart not know how to respond to the affection.
When you read some of heartache, heartache, some of the warmth of those who remember the picture in the mind as a rock where students grow in the deepest bottom of my heart, maybe you do not know, came across the information that allows one gorgeous flower throughout the season and multiply into a brilliant sky. Perhaps you do not know, sad pen looming between showing the text falling reluctantly feelings.
If the sun through the glass, do not lose temperature, then the truth through the life and death cycle, it can last forever? I also firmly hold your hand, we have always said, have relied on young and frivolous, promise you I, smile, also relying on the weight of the soul that accompany growing old with you. Only, but life is too fragile, too late to give you a smile, I lost in your world, dear, please forgive frivolous oath, please forgive the end of destiny, forgive a silent love.
If you build a bridge in the heart, each guarding both sides of this situation we will keep till the end? Time wore on, the regret is all between the lines into the sad, heavy breath smoked sheets covered with the scent of ink broken a love letter. Who knows how many nights tossing and turning that sigh, I heard the sound startling, led by a back and forth intestine; who knows, it is condensed the number of crystal tears, drops of Mastermind, one finally buried the situation.
Inspired by brisk pace, to heaven, there is no free and easy care of waved away, I always believe the truth in their own world, so even in another country, will love you the same, as will protect your happiness, as will pray for you. Dianpei life, displacement of the heart can no longer wandering finally, if this case of students do not, love knows no boundaries, with the innocent smile all the way to walk, 且行且珍惜.
Smoke and cold months, heartbroken songs, Chang Buwan sad, sing endless thoughts, love of singing continuously, such as the lengthy thread wrapped around wrapped around, the kingdom of heaven is beautiful, but without you there, a bit less warm. Gently played an affectionate farewell, echoed human temperament, life is so beautiful, love so warm ... ...

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