Tuesday, March 29, 2011


A winding flow of the river is still straight distance. Morning, stepping from, green grass covered with dew, against the colorful morning light shining, the breeze caressing the next is so graceful posture, reminding us of scenes of a southern woman dancing lightly fluttering in Tsing Yi. Dangqi layers of mist on the river, accompanied by morning breeze hit me, I will be convergence with the melancholy, like a vague memory of the summer flowers fade and wither, but also spread out in the autumn ray of Xinchou dial.
How to say it forever? When childhood interesting, scattered the flash in my mind, that a picture of innocence in the face, the time in flies in his eyes blurred. Leaning against the desk once sang songs of youth, who toil in the playground, happily running posture, once lofty, three worship sworn ignorant, have been replaced by a look today Acushnet. When the wine on the invitation, pride on the day, what kind of throbbing, loss of youth is no longer always be the ignorant.
Like a person sitting quietly in the banks of stone and see a leaf floating slowly from afar, so easy, leafless ever want to drop it! Leafless how wanted to go wandering alone with it! When an enthusiastic dance in the wind is still, that season of life and life to the wind blow it down. Thriller about inadequate posture still remnants of faded green, and the love of trees. That moment will never fade away hours in the early fall, come to naught.
Slowly and proudly, along the river, roam forward. The flowers are still competing to fight Yan, in the early autumn morning in the interpretation of their last glory. Maybe they do not know what the so-called fade, but staged a short rings in their near-perfect life, but always eager to scattered in the season. Jiji birds cried, those ashamed of the dream, one by one speech, the birds can fly when the eyes reach the moment of commitment to those who have and always vaguely, flying in the sky, but I hand have not yet touched.
Winding rivers, meandering turn. See in the distance like a quiet haven, if the mind to put out there, Can quietly shelved. Watching the waves softly, looking at the beautiful beaches, to the silent soul in silence in the deserted roundabout. At the moment, that a persistent remain in the immediate time, carrying engraved forever.
Why never say never it? If life is a collection masted ship to be parked, give yourself a power installed in the heart of a calm, distraction paddles, sails hoisted wise, the first line ... ...

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