Friday, March 25, 2011

Reflect on their own to develop good habits

You have to reflect on their habits? If not, develop it as early as possible, it can adjust your attitude of life means life, for the guidance of a clear direction. Reflection is a rumination of mental activity and feedback. It is the authorities who becomes a bystander, it transforms itself into a look at the object, that is, it gives out its own limitations, standing in another person's position, angle, and to observe themselves, judge themselves.
Self-examination and review does not mean, does not mean repentance. Reflection, is the man standing on the highest level and even the whole life of all mankind through the process of analysis and control, is critical of their own people. We need not only the occasion of the licking wounds deep thinking and analysis, to reflect, more needs to remain calm in the joy of success.
In daily life, many people who strictly to law and wide to be had, often preoccupied with gains and losses of others, forgot to look at ourselves. Wrong, but someone else's fault; yes, are their own right.
There is a fable: a ready to help young people experiencing difficulties, remind himself that he usually helped many friends, so he went to friends for help. However, the difficulties of his friends, who all turn a blind eye and a deaf ear. He was outraged, and his anger so intense that they can not own distraction, resignation, and he went to a wise man.
Wise said: "helping others is a good thing, but you have kept good make the bad things." Why? Him bewildered. Wise said: "First of all, you start out on the lack of knowledge of people, who do not have a thankful heart is not worth it to help people, you do not sub indiscriminate help, this is your Yanzhuo;
Second, you Shouzhuo, if at the same time help them develop their gratitude, and will not let them think you are right and proper to their help, and things may not develop into the fields this step, but you did not do so;
Third, your heart and dirty, in helping others, it should have with a normal heart, do not always feel like I was doing good, feeling both the material and moral superior to others, you should just be doing one of their own small pieces of whatever. More than who you are poor; than the more good and that you are mortal. Do not think you help others, we should credit for.
Willing to help others, and when needed want to get help from others, can be said to be human. But the real wisdom was open-minded person, but be good to find the reasons, do not complain about others.
This requires that we are always able to reflect on their behavior, look to their own psychology. Reflection is a noble quality, it should be required of our homework. When a person can pick up the scalpel unceremoniously cut off a tumor thought to pick up the tap washing is often thought of the "spots", which takes a lot of courage. If you think to yourself a little bit of mercy and reflect the color of the original will be lost.
A man saw bad behavior, we must ask ourselves the mood With fear. With his good character, we must be firm value; she had an error, we must feel as disgusted as tainted.
If so, it would be wise accessible, action would not be a mistake. Although it is difficult doing things perfect, but we must continue efforts for improvement as far as possible. Provinces day life, there will be change the wrong, is early prevention, modest and prudent to avoid the big mistakes, away from morality, taste it one step further. Things to strive for excellence, success will be away from the closer.

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