Friday, March 18, 2011

Taste of youth

Sun light swept the air, there is dust Manwu. In this quiet afternoon, I always like to lock themselves wandering inside and began some of the endless reverie. Natural season, vibrant, youthful footsteps, moving further and further needs, we Mood for Love is also a single minute of the passage.

I am always in the calculation, if a person can live a hundred years, then he is only just over thirty-six thousand days, and days of the day would be less a day, it is apparent that our life is so short! And we can live a hundred years it? Therefore, we have no reason not to cherish the days so short.

Youth's you and me, as if standing in the bank, the two sides are full of fallen flowers, as well as a thin layer of smoke. Sometimes, we always try to look for his confused mind an exit, but often failed miserably. You can not say that they wasted time in, because you have been very hard to make your own Live every day as much as possible to enrich; you can not say that they hate university life, because you have to get up early late, at the expense of much time, how much Happy only in exchange for all of today; you even can not say you have to give up, because you go further down.

Can you say something?

Perhaps, you want sun, land dedicated to the sun;

Perhaps you want a tree for people to offer greenery;

Perhaps you want a great man, to enjoy the wonderful life.

However, you just stars, but can also add light to the Galaxy;

However, you just grass, but also for increasing the green earth;

However, you only human, can not enjoy brilliant, some just ordinary. But you do not have to worry about, ordinary is not wrong, if they work hard too, too hard, you will find one day an extraordinary wonderful!

Vincent Fang on his inspirational little book "for several of your own idol drama," Lane said: Do not consume the youth front of the TV watching other people's lives, complaining about your life dull, why not from another angle, the camera lens at yourself, well take your own life! I think the only way that will not smoke the same sadness in the penetration of our youth, the only way that our youth could become a pleasure.

Caterpillar into a chrysalis, the pupa into a butterfly, each stage has its value. Ripples of youth, too, when it turned up, also has its twists and turns thrown, but also the beauty of it when thrown. Into the season of youth, you should use the unique spirit of youth and products to feel for the taste of youth, whether it is bitter or sweet ... ...

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