Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Time for a song

The scenery has long been shrouded in darkness, there is no difference between past and future. In pure darkness, do not see the division of the future and the past, nor the distance between you and me. Everything is only darkness, to hear your heart know you're still by my side, is within reach if you soft hand. Trembling of your hand, I know you're afraid that you're so scared, but my dear, please do not be afraid, because you and I, there is a can give you warm, I give you courage in your side With you, protect you.

Bass notes reverberate in your ears, my heart you sing down low most tender melodies. Every word, every note is so light without objects, but with a simple and honest feelings, so you hang on in the dark moment of my hand would not let go. Melodious tunes, my deepest feelings to your music intertwined, throbbing heart to appreciate by each emotional disputes. You quietly nestled in my shoulder, listening to the song for you to sing tunes, is eager to rest in this moment of time can no longer flow. So that the screen always freeze at this moment, even if surrounded by the endless darkness, but have had enough of each other, two people of the world will be rich, just because we love each other.

You ask how long I will make a man and woman love each other, I said maybe just one second, maybe a lifetime, maybe just a song of the time ... ...

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