Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Heart mark

A bitter, from the glide between the eyebrows, or the soil were moist, moments into the air released into the atmosphere by transpiration.
Night was broken, Review of the thinking was maybe. Inner desire, imagine folding paper boats, but also load a dry light, put the attribution of fleeting streams, let him feel cold and moist atmosphere, gradually lost.
Cries of the night, touching the burning cigarette butts, into the hearts of the silent pain gorgeous cover the movement. So fun, it is so frustrating. Clearance impetuous desire of money is difficult to remove, in the silence hard think about the meaning of life, life in the bustling road in the finish, passing the beautiful scenery, which turned, has not distinguish right and wrong, with a little tipsy drunk down in the dark under the willow.
Money exudes charm, dense crowd attracted by his direction. I run one after the dawn of time, repeat the procedure in previous years, the exchange of their mind, going to the toilet fasting, hungry, the last defeat, or the power of money.
Curved to follow the cold westerly Haoyue run, there is always darkness before dawn inexplicably dull.
Hurry to stop, think through the wind and rain this morning, lying in the sun under the shade radio shop and forget the constraints of money, forget the troubles of life, and thus, a warm and leisurely time, that is, or the wonderful look into the distance, but to bring youth to the loss journey.
Looking back through the ups and downs, the screen folds into the memory keep replaying in my mind, capture the flash of beautiful pictures, as the opening next year, but boring residual value of the interpretation of the youth, all kinds of people, the total can be search for ghost money, and countless days and nights are thinking very hard walking in the ladder leading to it covered with glory, the visual was happening, so wonderful, so sweet.
Flash of pain, ups and downs in the soul, once again the difficulties of the future of sublimation in the statement table, to exercise restraint, but still can not help, to put their ugly mask, to cover the vulnerable. Inability to cry inside cover, a reflection of the time had gone fragments, looking at the horizon of the blind, a new day will come, clear the broken dreams, pale face of my maturity and heard the song is from yesterday to meet the past is tomorrow's sighs.
Tomorrow, no, the day will come today, the sky has been vaguely white, with a shake of the feeling once again writing a downtown.

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