Monday, March 28, 2011

life experience ups and downs

I may have missed the meaning of duckweed, perhaps with a poetic duckweed. I am very familiar with duckweed in the mountain village of terraced fields in the duckweed often appear over the green one, it is easy to multiply. Village duckweed duck is to rely on to survive, except in the fields, pecking duck Ping, poke Ophelia is more interesting to find loach, a small tadpole.
 Remember, there are large and small duckweed, duckweed can also be used large pig in the food-poor era, people are lack of food, pigs did not eat more food. In addition to the first baby pigs eat the vegetable and sweet potato vine, that is, weeds, among them the large size of the duckweed. Duckweed can be planted in his field, not let anyone sweep. Can be cultured throughout the year, round leaves, like the ancient seven items magistrate's official hat leaves. There duckweed field, particularly loach.
 In fact, the duckweed is also a spiritual one. That is very strong vitality and the spirit of true unity. They depend on each other, overlap each other, never excluded, in the absence of the empty rice fields covered with green carpet like a beautiful and practical.
 Wen Tianxiang, the duckweed compared to his personal life, is a genius idea. Life is like duckweed, and sometimes through the storm, most people can not control their own destiny. Person's life, there is low and high tide, there are homeopathic adversities. Duckweed have encountered the wind downwind, drift seek to survive, although people do not agree with this, some people think, "Where there is a need not worry about firewood. " No matter what kind of attitude you hold, duckweed is always poetic to survive and live wonderful, thriving.

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