Monday, March 28, 2011

About the log

I was almost a daily diary, the intention is not willing to forget to remember some things, but not for the memories. The so-called recall who, though able to make the joy, but can not help but make lonely, so that the spirit of the silk thread is also holding the dead lonely time, what means it? And occasionally I would like to recall the status of things but can not write, do not want to remember things of course, is gone to any of them. So remember probably written more in my future some useful things. For example, experienced a day where the lesson where they had a day of experience, told how after how attention. But my thinking is more a diary of his more ethereal issues. Yeah what human nature, the meaning of life Yeah, I hope ah, ah morality, truth Yeah, so these are more ethereal things.

My diary does not intend to anyone, but it is not only to their own view, lies between the two. If one to watch herself, it is something that can not write, do not have to have a day like an article written bumbling. But if that bring it to anyone, not made ​​it clear that there are many, need to cover things in. This is referred to as Lu Xun said, is: "aim at Liyan, Italy kept appraise, fear of people who want to know who knows", plus his own twisted evil mind.

Now on the network not as something natural. This is the beginning of the second person is ready to see, so I am afraid it may not be quite true, at least, not more favorable, but now always have to hide. Because there are some plans seek, therefore, as Lu Xun said, "has also left a few slices of the total in the body armor. "

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