Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Farewell, my 2010

Many of the passage of time took some of the people some things to remember, when a person sits quietly recall the last time that happened slowly those stories may not recall the memory of those already buried in the dusty memories. Gone through the spring, summer, autumn, winter still left, but the people there will go back in time, yet? Will have to re-story the chance to start it? So, before you regret not doing wrong choice, before the sad ... please do not hurt ...
Do not want to say old-fashioned but time flies so generally true as gold, then inadvertently lost in the years at your fingertips is so passing by, to paraphrase a poem Xu Jinglei: Gently I go, as I gently, I wave my sleeve, do not take a cloud ... ... this is always refused to say goodbye to duplicate again in 2010, I know that time will make a boy into a man, a sign of maturity is not necessarily his chin covered with stubble but lonely eyes were hidden behind their clever it! The total change of seasons a year, and this year seems like all the changes in seasons, as there is a pattern, like a long lonely bloom in spring as intriguing, hard to wait for that process appears to be a frustration and bitterness intertwined flavors. Passion can bring all of the summer is not the passion, the same day of plain water will eventually extinguished the flames all the passion, any passion you unlimited pot of cold water ... ... I just fall season seems to be synonymous with lonely, but this fall has occurred a fairy-tale like story, although only a beginning but no end ... ... I can say is too cold this winter, because the heart was frozen, and frozen at subzero temperatures will not be beat. All in all, the 2010 is the four seasons, and is slowly Let me count the days of recollection, although some long buried memories ... ...
Perhaps there will be a memorable year for each person, there is always a memorable things happen, but if I say that this is perhaps the most memorable year I can only sit back and really think about the ... ... not slow days No flies plain waves, but the soft young heart can not withstand the wind is too weak to withstand the waves, everything is just solo, later passed, leaving only a Buddha's words: sex is zero, Kongjishise! So I say can be the most memorable, you can not! Between with and without the change is just the heart. The most memorable is not only more memorable!
Some people always say how how his year, in fact, they ask ourselves who do not regret it? Why is it filled with his grandson the same, since the hearts of grievances have regrets Why not make it? Information brother said that the world of the blind alley, but a lot of people go to become a road. Since you did not go the way before the pair, with regret and loss so why not take a new road out of it!
2010 is the past, the good the bad there are like clouds, passed also in the past. Important is how to have the new 2011!
So for 2010, I can only say: "Do I have to 2010."

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